Something about AANHATH.

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.

– Leo Tolstoy

We have time, we have patience. But we don’t have time to waste. But trust me, everyone in this world needs an introduction, specially when they are just about to start something. And that’s why I’m writing this little introduction that I think I must share for further footstep in the word of writing, dreaming, thinking and loving.
I’m Koushik and my family name is Mudi. Well, none of them were of my choice, and I’m little angry about that. I stay in West Bengal, India. Yes, I’m Bengali, but I don’t like rasgulla, hilsa, loochi etc. much which are signature food items for Bengali people. I don’t believe some customs have anything to do with a language spoken in a particular area. So, I sometimes get in argues with friends about these all.
Well, I’m an engineer (or I believe so; I hold a B.Tech. degree from a government affiliated college.) And doing engineering was  my wildest dream! Wow! I can’t forget those four years of fun and work. But yes, apart from the professional degree I developed some habits that are now passion for me. I love languages and literature, hence writing upkeeps me in a serene celestial level of bliss. I love colors, and I love what I see (unless it’s a shit 😛). And that’s where my passion for photography is rooted. I love to taste food(s) and cooking gives me an unbelievable pleasure within. And music that is a meditation to me. That’s the one way I meditate through. Music is my life.
Though I planned to start as a writer here, my posts sometimes may get full of photos, and/or I may end up a post discussing about music. Whatever is there in future, I must start walking, to catch your attention. 😉



And how do forget to define the word aanhath … Aanhath is a word that’s rooted deep in Sanskrit. This word means something unaffected, holy, pure, true. Literally something that’s not hit is Aanhath or Anahat. This purity vastly is defined in Indian classical music. All the Notes we hear are of one type. Apart from that India has been using another kind of tune, that’s anahath. Nobody can produce it with any instruments. Its so natural that it can’t be felt differently. It’s celestial. Aanhath!

[The end]


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